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About Us

This platform aims at bringing students and professionals together for a common goal irrespective of their field of study and location.

Undergraduate and Masters students across Africa constantly find it difficult and stressful surfing the internet to have access to adequate and reliable information relating to their field of study when embarking on their final year project or thesis work.

For any institution or country to be in the lead, there must be sufficient and reliable repository for knowledge and information for successors to improve upon but this is lacking when it comes to the African continent.

GetPrototypes does not only sought to relief final year students of project hurdles but also to pique the creativity and innovative minds of every individual by participating in our local and global competitions online.

In addition to that,we believe Students, Engineers, Doctors, Professors, Scientists and Researchers can collaborate both locally and globally to embark on projects of common interest and above all serve as an introduction of who one is when entering graduate school or seeking for employment.