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A Virtual model of the University of East-Anglia


This report follows the research and development of a third year computing science project from inception to completion. The project involved creating the eastern section of the University of East-Anglia’s campus into a virtual model. The model is represented in two ways: A pre-rendered video sequence, and as an interactive application in which users may navigate themselves around campus. The report begins by introducing the project area of virtual urban modelling in general terms, and moves on to discuss basic techniques applied to this specific project discussing the design and implementation of the virtual model. It discusses the modelling process of each building, the problems encountered and what has been done to solve these problems. Lastly, the report discusses the possibilities of future work that can be applied to this project. Appendix A contains the video and real-time application this project has produced.

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Project Id:1000100500
Project Title:A Virtual model of the University of East-Anglia
Field Of Study:Computer Science
Project Supervisor:No
Project Status:Not Approved
Published Date:2018-12-28 22:19:02
Last Update:2018-12-28 22:27:42
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