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The special engineering project was a level 3 group project to build a robot in a team of four. The robot had been designed to patrol the corridors of the CVSSP at the University of Surrey. Each member of the team had specific robot sub-systems to concentrate on. The author’s role in the project is the project manager, who is also responsible for the design of the robot’s decision system. Consequently, this report details the development of the robot’s decision system and mentions the project management. The decision system is the top-level aspect of the robot. The tasks it must accomplish can be roughly broken down into four main components: the planning of paths inside the patrol area, estimating the current location of the robot from noisy estimates, processing the ultrasound sensor readings and issuing movement commands. The project management aspect is also outlined briefly

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Project Id:1000100502
Project Title:Special Engineering Project Decision System
Field Of Study:Electrical Engineering
Project Supervisor:None
Project Status:Not Approved
Published Date:2019-02-07 23:06:11
Last Update:2019-03-25 15:49:57
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